WELCOME! Italian language lessons with your live, online Italian tutor is the beginning of many exciting adventures for you.

Learning, Improving, or Reviewing Your Italian is Fun, Convenient, and Focussed on You Meeting your Personal Language Goals.
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Schedule Italian language lessons online at your convenience with a private instructor.  Maximize your time and get personal attention without commuting to a school, or attending a class full of students at varying skill levels. With video conference language learning sessions, you have the benefit of live interaction with your Italian tutor, rapidly increasing your listening and verbal skills in a comfortable setting. We work well with learners of all levels; if you are a beginner, you can start speaking Italian quickly and easily with personal attention from your own private Italian tutor!

Together with your Italian tutor, you have the opportunity to schedule your live Skype video conference at the time you choose, and together with your Italian tutor, you will tailor your Italian lessons to your specific interests and needs. This individualized learning focus is ideal for students, bussiness professionals, and those preparing a cultural visit to Italy. For example, if you are a student preparing for an Italian language exam, your Italian tutor will give you the opportunity you need to meet your objectives, focussing only on what is relevant. If you are planning a cultural trip to Italy, and want to enrich the experience by familiarity with the language, you can appreciate more
of the art and historic treasures you will find there.

If you have Italian heritage, love opera, or even just love Italian cooking, learning Italian (or even just correct pronunciation of common words) can help to enrich your experience and appreciation. 
We welcome helping you to meet your goals as soon as possible. We're glad to get your adventures started, providing you with information regarding scheduling an introductory meeting with a tutor.
The emphasis of your Italian Tutor is on you and your specific Italian language learning needs.

To make an appointment to meet with your tutor or just get more information, contact us at our e-mail address:
We would be pleased to hear from you! Let us know what your Italian language needs and questions are, and we will be more than happy to help you begin speaking in Italian. Ciao!

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