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Hi, my name is Livia, and I enjoy being a personal Italian tutor.
I am fluent in both Italian and English, and have divided my time between both Italy and the United States for many years. I have a dual graduate degree in English and Communications, and I've taught several college English classes and upper division Speech and Intercultural Communictions courses at a State-run University,
including on a Satellite Broadcast System.
I have worked in translation in Rome, Italy, and over the years, I have enjoyed tutoring many students and professionals in both English and Italian language learning.
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In my experience, mastering a new language with confidence is most easy and fun with all the individualized advantages of a private tutor.
My method of teaching is tailored to the student.
I believe there isn't one universal teaching method, but as many approaches as there are students because the best route to learning depends on the individual student's interests, necessities, skill level and ability.
I'm here to help you find and maximize your own strengths as you learn Italian.
In holistic foreign language education, it's important to balance among the different faculties of language ability, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking activities, focusing not only on standard grammar, but also the everyday communication forms, including, idiomatic and colloquial expressions, and even slang. In addition, enjoying Italian songs, Italian foreign films, and language games is a fun way to improve knowledge, both of the linguistic and cultural aspects involved in learning Italian.
The one on one interaction in online video conference tutoring focusses on the student's individual needs and progress, and gives plenty of opportunity to develop actual conversational speaking ability in
a relaxed and familiar environment at your convenience. Copyright 2012

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