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Commonly asked Questions and Answers
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When and where is the tutoring?
In the comfort of your own home or office, or wherever you have access to a computer with Skype capability, you can enjoy your tutoring;
we will arrange your lesson at a mutally convenient time.

Will you teach my children?
Yes, the Italian tutor loves teaching all learning levels and ages.

Does the Italian tutor also provide English lessons for Italian speakers?
Yes, for more information on English lessons online, please just email us.

How should I prepare for my first Italian lesson?
After your initial e-mail to your Italian tutor, she will ask your learning goals;
keeping this goal in mind during your lesson will help you feel focused and be productive, ready to have a fun learning experience with no pressure.
In addition to being prepared with Skype and your internet connection, a notebook and a pen are helpful for most students.

What are the conditions of your "FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE"?

If you have pre-paid for multiple lessons, and you discover after the initial session that you no longer want to or are unable to continue taking the remainder of the lessons, you will be refunded your full purchase price of the remainder of your lessons.
just inform your Italian tutor of your decision at least 24 hours before your second scheduled lesson.

If I miss an Italian lesson or Italian conversation appointment,
can I reschedule it at no extra cost?

Yes, provided you give twenty-four hour notification that you will miss the appointment, we will be happy to reschedule you at no extra cost.

When can I start learning Italian with my tutor?
Contact your tutor with times you are available, and you can arrange a mutually convenient time as soon as possible.

Please send an email if you need more information or to schedule a private Italian lesson with your Italian tutor: Copyright 2012