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Italian Conversation, Italian Translations, and of course our unique customized Italian Courses!
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Italian Lessons on line with Free Italian Lessons!!!

Italian Lessons on line with Free Italian Lessons!

Learn how to speak and enjoy the Italian Language, the language of Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Galileo, Casanova... poets, lovers and scientists...
the language of the Italian Renaissance!

You decide the object of the Lesson! Just pick a topic or an aspect of the Italian Language you want to learn or master and we will create a lesson just for you!

Finally you can learn Italian without leaving home, having fun and at very affordable rates... and enjoy our FREE Italian Lessons!
At all you need is a webcam, a skype free account and an internet connection... Here is how it works:

1) First email me to identify your current skill level, needs, and specific goals
(it could be preparing a business project, a trip to Italy, a special need event).

2) I will contact you back at your own schedule for a FREE 10 minutes consultation over the Web Cam or via phone to establish your goals.
You will meet and speak with your personal Italian Tutor so you can get to
know each other.

3) If you book your lesson(s) I create a personalized an Italian Lesson(s) exactly
for your need and skill level.
I use a direct method learning system, proven to be faster, simpler and more fun than traditional scholastic learning methods.

4) Lessons are 1 hour long. 1 Hour lesson is $39.00 $US
We accept checks, Credit Cards or Paypal.
If you purchase 5 Italian Lessons you will have a discount of $35.00 for 1 hour.
Purchase 10 lessons and you get also 1 Free Italian Lesson
+ 1 hour Free Italian Conversation

5) The Italian lessons with your Italian tutor are arranged to fit your scheduling needs;
Just give me 24 hours notice if you won't be able to attend a lesson and I can reschedule it at your own pleasure.

That's it... simple, fast and affordable.
Ciao from Livia :) Copyright 2012


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